Corfields Electrical

Corfield’s Electrical Service is a privately owned Central Queensland based company, offering electrical and communication installation and maintenance services to the industrial and commercial business sectors. Corfield’s Electrical has earned a solid reputation for electrical excellence on the back of our long-term approach to the management of customer relationships and the delivery of high quality work.

Corfield’s Electrical Service was established in Gladstone in 1983 and has since grown to be well renowned and experienced Electrical Contractors in the Central Queensland region.

It is the usual practice for Corfield’s to be working indirectly with the end client as a subcontractor through larger construction and urban development companies.

The Corfield’s Electrical Service workforce and management team prides itself on high quality workmanship, flexibility and ability to deliver projects on schedule.  Our reputation as a solid reputable company is growing, developing further opportunities and establishing solid working relationships with many local and foreign companies